May 20, 2021
Foal Auction statistics

Now we are starting to see some trends on the foal auction.

Showjumping foals have an average price of 9.900 EUR, with the highest price of 53.000 EUR and the lowest price of 5.000 EUR.

The dressage foals have a 900 EUR higher average price: 10.800 EUR. The lowest price so far have been 3.250 EUR and the highest price have been 60.000 EUR.

We will try to follow these prices throughout the season.

April 13, 2021
The highest hammer price on the Zangersheide auction

The thrilling Zangerheide auction, ended with the highest hammer price on the 5 year old mare out of London - Chacco Blue. Her price ended on 150.000 EUR, and she was sold to Belgium.

April 12, 2021
First Foal Auction ended

Tonight the first foal auction ended. In total there were 16 foals up for sale. Seven dressage foals, seven jumping foals and 2 dressage pony foals.

The highest hammered price in the whole auction was the dressage mare foal out of Vitalis - Charmeur, the price ended on 17000 EUR. The average price on the dressage foals were approx 9200 EUR.

The second highest auction price, was the jumping stallion foal out of Coronet Obolensky - Clinton I, the price ended on 15500 EUR. The average price on the jumping foals were approx 8400 EUR.

The two pony foals had an average on 5625 EUR.

April 10, 2021
Oldenburger 94 Elite Aucion ended

Tonight the oldenburger auction number 94 ended. The dressage mare D Amour (sire: D Egalite damsire: Ampere) born in 2017 rendered the highest price: 260.000 EUR.

Overall the averageprice on the 18 sold dressage horses was appoximately 58.600 EUR. For the 13 jumping horses the average price was around 34.800 EUR.

April 7, 2021
First auction finished on

Last night the first auction that was displayed on was finished.
Of the 16 show jumping lots, one was recalled. The average price of the sold 15 lots was 16.200 EUR. The highest pricewas lot 6, this 4 year old stallion (Come Il Faut - Landos) was sold to the USA for 33.000 EUR.

April 1, 2021

Today we celebrate that it is premier for this new site. This site fills a gap , and the purpose is to be the hub for all the sport horse auctions.

The hub will help you find all the relevant auctions in one place. From now on you will only need this site in order to find your dream horse.

We are happy to share this journey with you, and we hope that you will help us with feedback, so we can develop this site even further.

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There are much more to come, but this is the start.


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